Document Scanning

Document Scanning and Imaging Services


Sterling Data Storage offers a full range of document scanning services in Chandler, Arizona. From legal documents to medical records, Sterling provides a complete line of document scanning management solutions. Whether a small real estate office or a large healthcare center, there are benefits to scanning documents and storing them on a designated computer.


•    Significantly less storage space needed.
•    Reduced costs for storage and maintenance.
•    Increased security of information with little opportunity for loss.
•    Increased efficiency in daily operations.
•    Easier retrieval of documents.
•    Efficient data sharing without loss of data.
•    Easier to copy for contingency backup.
•    Easier to limit access to comply with privacy legislation.
And, for the increasing number of you who are environmentally conscious, document scanning services are essential in creating a paperless office.

Range Of Document Scanning Chandler Services

We are able to meet whatever your scanning need is, whether it is large, accounting spreadsheets, wall carts, two-sided reports, bound books, confidential health documents, or complex legal documents with many attachments. Our high resolution equipment can cope with old documents that might be brittle and faded.
OnlineDataStorageBackup 300x225 Document ScanningA preliminary consultation will address any special requests about sizing or color for the scanned documents. You may decide on full color or that you can live with grayscale on thousands of pages of old information. We can also discuss any need for a high volume of Arizona document scanning that has to be done quickly. We want to make sure we understand all your expectations from the beginning.

Excellent Quality of Document Scanning In Chandler Arizona

Of course, the practical benefits of document scanning paper or microfiche documents and storing documents are not your only concern in choosing a data scanning company. You want to know that the quality of service and product is excellent. Sterling Data Storage is the document scanning company that can guarantee that high standard of service.
If you tried to do this scanning in-house, you would quickly discover that you were wasting much time and money without the most appropriate equipment and designated, trained staff. Sterling Data Storage uses efficient, state-of-the-art equipment. The work is performed by qualified staff whose only job is making sure the scans are done correctly the first time.
There will be no need to redo scans that do not comply with industry standards or regulatory requirements. You will appreciate the accurate, consistent high quality results. And, it will be done with minimal disruption to your operations.

Chandler, AZ Document Scanning Storage

Document storage scanning is the way to organize paperwork in most businesses. Once the scanning is complete, all the data are stored on CD or on one or more designated computers. We will offer options based on how you will be using this information in the future.
It is easy to store even several copies of CDs, preferably in secure locations. However, if you will need to access information regularly, it might be a good idea to store the scanned data on accessible computers. We will customize the document scanning solution to fit your situation.
Once the documents are scanned and stored electronically, we can offer you all our usual data storage services. We can hold your data offsite, perhaps in compressed archives or in indexed, synchronized storage. Whatever you decide is best for your business needs, we are there to make it happen.


Get rid of the bulky paper files and endless boxes that require expensive storage space and switch to document scanning in Chandler Arizona. Contact Sterling Data Storage for that paperless solution.