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Data Storage Chandler, AZ

Data storage might either refer to computer information or any sort of information device. Essentially, computer system data storage includes devices, components, memory space or any media that preserves digital data used for computing. It could also describe any device that retrieves or stores other sorts of data or data from any platform. Keep in mind that there’s a data storage Chandler firm that effectively provides this kind of service in accordance with your business needs.


computerstorageChandler1 150x150 HomeSterling Data Storage leads in detailed data backup and preservation for any size company needing data storage in Chandler. Today’s on-line and/or off-line environment dictates a specific need for data protection with reliability and ease of implementation. Many companies have had trouble in the past  finding a knowledgeable and experienced data storage provider. Our company continues to be successful in satisfying each and every single consumer. Our specialists understand exactly what is needed to implement the stages of protection and scalability that your business needs.

Key Features of Sterling Data Storage Chandler

Due to the restore technology and instant data backup offered by Sterling, a number of office operations will immediately be synchronized for offsite data backup in order to secure all of your important information and data. Its search engine is correctly indexed onto the server software thereby allowing you to locate your particular file in the quickest time possible. Take note of the following key features of Sterling Data Storage: compressed and encrypted file source/rest storage, open file support and locked file support, CPU throttling and bandwidth throttling, and policies are easy to customize for sets backup. Basically, Sterling Data Storage understands the specific needs of companies and so adheres to the best business practices, as well as government requirements for any and all documented records. It also helps meet any of your requests for compliance.

Your Chandler Business Continuity Experts

databackupChandler 300x198 HomeAny number of frustrating and unpredictable interruptions could trigger the demand for computer storage. It generally takes energy and expertise to treat the circumstance and restore the information that was lost. Can your business recover from the unthinkable, like an unexpected hard drive failure or a stolen laptop? How about a natural disaster for instance an earthquake or hurricane, or even an accident such as a fire? A new virus can similarly cause irreparable damage. Sterling Data Storage can reliably provide protection from this sort of danger, and does so with a state-of-the-art data center and Enterprise level software program.

Sterling Data Storage Chandler is important for your business in this modern world of security issues. With threats on the internet as well as the ease of viral propagation, it is important that your company operates with a dependable third-party backup scheme. For your company’s safety and reputation, it’s necessary that you have responsible control over the security of your respective customer’s private information along with your own business records. Backup and restore facilities are important precisely because you never know what could happen in the future.